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Find your people. Find your purpose. Find your passion.

Our community creates space for you to craft your own Jewish experience. Explore your connection to Jewish ideas and tradition. Meet people who share your curiosity and enthusiasm.  Tackle thoughts with a diverse group of people.

Limmud Atlanta Southeast is a proud program of Limmud North America. 

The next step on your (southern) Jewish journey...

Our Mission

To celebrate Jewish life and learning in all of its diversity by bringing together Jews of all backgrounds and all ages for learning experiences. We are driven by the belief that diversity of perspective, dedication to learning in its broadest sense, and a strong sense of volunteerism are keys to mobilizing and inspiring Jewish individuals and community.


Our History

The Limmud Atlanta & Southeast community brought Limmud to Atlanta in 2008. It started with day-long events and eventually expanded to the 3-night Limmud in 2009. In 2022, Limmud Atlanta & Southeast became an official program of Limmud North America continuing the tradition of Limmud started in England more than thirty years ago.

Today, local Limmud movements are sprouting up all over the world from the UK to Russia, New York to LA.

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Core Values


We foster the creation of a learning environment in which people are able to reflect and grow — a place where everyone can be a teacher and everyone can be a student.


We inspire people to be ambitious about their contributions; we challenge people to push themselves toward their potential; we empower people to make informed choices.

Expanding Jewish Horizons

Limmud strives to create collective and individual experiences through which we strengthen and develop our Jewish identities.

Community and Mutual Responsibility

Limmud is a learning community in which we can achieve more together than we can individually.


We are all responsible for each other and for the community we create — everyone has an important contribution to make, and volunteerism is an essential feature of everything we do.


We believe in the richness of our diverse community and strive to create inclusive and cross-generational experiences.

Fostering Connections

We recognize the importance of providing a space where emotional and intellectual connections can be made.

Take Us Further

Our leadership is always looking for new ways to expand our mission and reach communities in exciting ways

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