Frequently asked questions

Can I attend if I cannot make it for the weekend?

Because LimmudFest is a Shabbaton this year, we are not offering one-day registration.

What will my kids be doing all day while I'm participating in sessions?

Kids get to participate in the Gan or Camp Limmud during the day, both included in the child registration fee. In the evenings, babysitting or Kids’ Night Out is available for an extra fee. Please see the Camp Limmud page for more details.

I am interested in volunteering. How can I get involved?

Visit our Get Involved page or send a message to to get plugged in to a volunteer team! There are many ways to help, both before, during and after LimmudFest. Below is a list of our committees and some of what they do to put on LimmudFest. LimmudFest is incredibly special, and volunticipation is our driving force. This festival cannot come together without the hard work of our volunteers. Learn more about them and join our team in leading Limmud into the future. Have you heard about Limmud? Marketing--if you are at one of our events, it is because our marketing chair, Leslie Anderson and her committee got the word out. If you like putting your artistic skills to use creating Instagram posts, designing websites, writing catchy emails, blasting out social media, calling Jewish organizations around the Southeast, or networking in the community--this is the committee for you. You have got to see this. Programming--this is at the heart of Limmud. Our programming chair Heather Blake and her dynamic committee is pulling out all the stops to bring you the stellar lineup of presenters at this year’s Fest. If you’re the one always sharing great speakers you’ve heard, fabulous books you’ve read, good movies you’ve seen, or amazing people you’ve met, you would love this committee. You get to create the experience that is LimmudFest by finding the most interesting and diverse presenters to come teach. If you are more detail oriented, love to organize and have an editor’s eye, you should join Carolyn Lippman--our dauntless Program Book Chair--who is responsible for crossing our t’s and dotting our i’s. Let’s Party! Gala--the celebration that shines the light on amazing performers like the Sandcatchers is chaired by Drew Cohen. This is definitely the place to be if you want to find the hottest musical/comedy/performance act to come entertain Limmud-goers and help us raise the funds to bring even more people to LimmudFest. Shabbat Shalom. Shabbat--if Programming is the heart, then the Shabbat Committee is the soul--led this year by the unflappable Itana Pinansky. If Shabbat is your favorite day of the week, if you love ritual, and if you are passionate about creating a meaningful, spiritual Shabbat experience for every attendee at Limmud, then this is your home. Find volunteers to lead services, create new prayer experiences, and help everyone connect to the beauty of Shabbat in the mountains. Where can I find . . .? Logistics--this committee keeps everything running smoothly. Enjoy working behind the scenes? Like flow charts? Do spreadsheets, jot forms, and lists make your heart beat faster? Don’t miss a beat, and join the Logistics Committee led from near and far by Shannon Martindale. If the tables are set, the volunteers are coordinated, the rides are arranged, and the presenters have their supplies--you have the Logistics Committee to thank. Who’s the guy smiling ALL THE TIME? That would be Fest Chair Howie Slomka. Why is he smiling? Because Howie loves Limmud and it brings him joy. If Limmud is your happy place, and you are ready to step up and truly take the wheel, there’s no better place to be than in the driver’s seat. The Fest Chair coordinates all of the committees and serves as liaison among the Chairs, Limmud Board, and Ramah staff. How do I get involved? Before and after LimmudFest, let us know you’re interested on our website by visiting our Get Involved page on the website, or contact Program Manager Adina Rudisch by email at or by phone at 404-507-6322. When you register for Fest, there will be a question listing options to volunteer during the Festival by helping with set-up, break down, kids' camp, participating in a Shabbat service, and more. At LimmudFest, find someone with an orange lanyard that says “Ask Me,” and come to our Volunteer Appreciation Oneg on Friday night from 9--9:30 in Lakeside Dining.

What is the Shabbat experience at LimmudFest?

Limmud brings together hundreds of of Jews from diverse backgrounds who come with a wide range of observance, Jewish knowledge, and comfort with Jewish tradition. During LimmudFest, we seek to create a Shabbat atmosphere by asking participants to refrain from using cell phones, electronics, cars, cameras, and musical instruments in public spaces during Shabbat. Ramah Darom provides delicious Shabbat meals with the traditional ritual needs. There are usually 'Tisch' sessions with singing and an open bar for socializing and memorable shabbat vibes. There is also an eruv around the camp.

What about sessions that are scheduled on Shabbat?

To respect everyone's Shabbat practices, the LimmudFest planning team takes great care to make sure sessions that are not Shabbat Friendly are scheduled on non-Shabbat days. Sessions will not have any writing or electronics. Music sessions may make use of acoustic instruments which will be noted in the program book.

What level of Kashrut can I expect at LimmudFest?

The kitchen facilities at Ramah Darom are under the year-round supervision of the Atlanta Kasruth Commission (AKC) which adheres to Orthodox kashrut standards. No outside food or drink is permitted into the dining hall at any time. Please email with any concerns or questions.

What if I want to bring my tent and go camping?

Join our Tent Cities – Quiet Camp or Social Camp. Bring your tent and all camping supplies. You will have access to shower and restroom facilities in a nearby cabin.

Where is LimmudFest?

LimmudFest is located at Ramah Darom in the beautiful North Georgia mountains. It is about a two hour drive north from the Atlanta airport. 70 Darom Lane, Clayton, GA 30525

What does Limmud mean?

In Hebrew, Limmud means “learning.” Limmud Atlanta & Southeast is part of the international Limmud community, which is dedicated to Jewish learning in all its variety.

What are your Covid Policies?

The safety of our community is our primary concern. We will follow the guidelines of the CDC and Ramah Darom in our planning. We will respect social distancing as reasonably necessary and may implement a podding policy for dining and lodging. We will require that all attendees ages 12 and up should be fully vaccinated by August 15. (Children under 12 will be exempt as there is no vaccine that is currently available to them.) Children under the age of 12 will need to come to LimmudFest with proof of a negative PCR Covid test taken within 48 hrs of arrival at Ramah Darom. Session capacity and seating will reflect social distancing norms. Food service will minimize contact between diner and the servers and food. A stringent cleaning protocol will be in force to clean high-touch surfaces. Please check back often as the situation is ever changing.

What about the kids?

Ramah Darom runs offers children's programming for a range of ages from toddler to preteen. Ramah Darom counselors and staff create age appropriate, fun camp activities for your children. Everyone comes together for meals and there are many LimmudFest sessions are labeled "Family Friendly"--meaning that all ages are welcome. At night, counselors will also be availble for Shmira (night listening) when a counslor will sit in a common area after your children are asleep so you can comfortably enjoy late night programming.