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Covid Protocols

Your safety at LimmudFest is our first concern, therefore, we will be constantly updating our Covid policy based upon CDC recommendations and upon consultation with medical professionals and advisors at Ramah Darom. The information below is our most current Covid policy as of August 12, 2021.

What you should know: 

  • Before you arrive

  • To create the most accessible environment possible, all participants ages 12 and up are required to be fully vaccinated (two weeks post-vaccination) by August 26, 2021, and submit a copy of their vaccination card. This means you must make sure to receive your final dose of a two-dose vaccine, or a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, by August 11th. Anyone with a medical exemption for a vaccine may present their confirmed exemption in replacement of a vaccination card.

  • All participants must take a Covid-19 PCR test 48 hours prior to arrival to our campus. Each participant must present a printed or digital copy of the test results, showing the negative result as well as the date of testing, in order to be permitted to enter campus. All participants will be required to take a rapid Covid-19 nasal swab upon arrival to Ramah Darom and will be permitted to enter Ramah Darom upon receiving a negative result on this rapid test. 

  • At LimmudFest

Face Masks

  • Masks will be voluntary for vaccinated participants outdoors but required for any indoor programming and in the dining room.

  • Masks are required for all participants when entering any public building on campus, when in the dining room except when sitting at your table, when participating in any facilitated program and strongly recommended during any interactions with guests or staff members not in their immediate household, both indoors and outdoors.

  • All children ages 3-11 must be masked for all facilitated activities and at the camp program.

Food Service & Dining

  • Upon entry to the dining hall, all guests must wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before entering the buffet line or going to their tables.

  • ALL guests and staff must be masked in the dining hall any time they are not sitting at their table. This includes getting up to chat with another table, going to the bathroom and going through the buffet line.

  • Only vaccinated guests may handle plates and food at the buffet line. Please note that your children under 12 may stand with you in line but may not take food for themselves at any time and must be served by a vaccinated adult. Unvaccinated adults will be assisted at the buffet line by vaccinated staff.

  • Where and with whom to sit at meals is at your discretion; we have an outdoor dining tent available for those who would like to eat distantly from others.

  • Water fountains will be discontinued from use, and water bottle filling stations will be set up throughout the campus.

  • The dining hall will be closed to guests between meals.


        All sessions will be held outdoors in well ventilated and shaded spaces such as  porticos, large tents, and pavilions.

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