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Young Adult Development

YAD was created to help young Jewish adults connect with one another and learn from Jewish professionals in the community.

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Havdallah fire.jpg


The YAD Program is an opportunity granted to a select group of Jewish young adults. It is inspired by the YAD program at Limmud UK. The purpose of this program is to support a committed and prepared generation of emerging young adult leaders who will strengthen the Atlanta and Southeast Jewish community, not just through training and participation with Limmud, but also by developing an understanding of Jewish organizations and personal leadership potential.

Participants will meet monthly in person or by Zoom with mentors from around Atlanta and beyond, who will share their stories and give a better understanding of the different facets of leadership in the Jewish community.  Additionally, all YADs will serve on planning committees and will attend the upcoming LimmudFest over Labor Day weekend,

September 1-4, 2023.


Upon completion of the YAD program these emerging leaders are well situated to support the creation of meaningful and enriching programs, as well as to  develop deeper connections with local leaders and organizations. Led by Abby Graff, our YAD program coordinator, the 2023 YAD Cohort will grow to be a group of individuals poised to become the next generation of Jewish community leaders.

YAD applications are now closed

If you would like more information please 

email us at

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